I was fortunate to recently participate with security leaders from around the world at the 4th annual Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The invitation-only event was one of the best organized and most professional conferences I have ever attended.  The gathering was hosted by Canadian Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay.

I delivered the keynote dinner address on an emerging field I am calling geotechnology–the intersection of technology with geopolitics.  Geotechnology will be highly disruptive to established concepts of national security, a theme I discussed with the audience in Halifax, including with Ministers of Defense, US Senators, Members of Parliament and ambassadors from more than 50 nations.


The congressional delegation led by U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Mark Udall (D-CO), who proceeded me at the gala dinner opening.

Halifax Program

Media participants and moderators included  Jean Meserve (CNN), Gideon Rose and Jonathan Tepperman of Foreign Affairs and Steve Clemons of the Atlantic.  The event covered a wide array of topics ranging from terrorism, to oil politics to cyber threats, drones and the consequences of modern warfare.  The atmosphere was extremely open and world security leaders with diverse and distinct opinions were able to gather peaceably and discuss their differences in a warm and welcome atmosphere organized by the hosts.  Kudos to all who participated.

Minister MacKay

With Peter MacKay, Canadian Minister of National Defense