Your Security Sherpa for the 21st Century

I work with clients to understand and respond to the disruptive impact of advancing technologies on security, business and international affairs.  Through a variety of scenario planning and forecasting techniques, I help clients identify emerging risks and new opportunities in an increasingly complex and technologically advanced and interconnected world.

As your security Sherpa, I have access to an outstanding network of top-tier experts from diverse fields, industries, and geographies.  Together we work to deliver tailored guidance to clients which is not commonly available elsewhere.  This network includes world class specialists in technology, geopolitics, physical and information security, intellectual property protection, product development, process innovation, and information management.  Clients will able to this leverage cutting-edge research for strategic advantage in understanding:

  • How to prevent the unwitting sharing of corporate information and trade secrets with both state and non-state actor adversaries.
  • How executives and high-net worth individuals can protect themselves and their families from rapidly emerging technical threats.
  • How newly emerging products can be “pre-hacked” using our profound understanding of the criminal underground to ensure security flaws are identified and addressed early in the development cycle, limiting cost overruns, public embarrassment and litigation.
  • The future of crime and terrorism and how will it affect our globally networked world, with specific impacts for business and government alike.
  • How can corporations and organizations leverage lessons in innovation from the digital underground to drive commercial advantage.

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