Marc Goodman’s talk on cybercrime and terrorism was brilliantly done and truly chilling.

Awesome talk by @futurecrimes painting a picture of data-driven organised crime. I was back in the speaker lounge, and he silenced the room.

Wow. Just wow. No time to tweet during the fascinating talk by @futurecrimes Look him up.

– Attendees, O’Reilly Strata Conference, September 2011

Unquestionably, the best fraud-related presentation I’ve ever seen (including Abignale)

Engaging and effective presenter who delivered deeply compelling real world scenarios

Excellent!! Mr. Goodman’s presentation was truly eye-opening!

—Attendees, Software Conference, October 2012

We have had many speakers through the years and I can say without reserve that Marc was one of the best we have worked with.  He was responsive, thorough, flexible and knowledgeable-and a great presenter too!  Further, I appreciate the effort he made to tailor his content specifically for our audience.  His presentation was interesting to all both on a professional, and well as personal level.

—Vice President of Marketing, Software Company

I have worked with Marc over many years in all regions of the world. His experience in cultural, technical, administrative, and legal questions was of crucial added value for the whole law enforcement society fighting Cyber Crime. Marc’s language skills are unique and have helped in many difficult negotiations. His ability to give highly qualified presentations to law enforcement, private industry, and academia raised understanding and awareness for common problems and were always solution oriented. His work for the INTERPOL working parties on IT Crime as Senior Advisor was and is most appreciated all over the globe.

– Bernhard Otupal, Assistant Director, Financial and High Tech Crime, INTERPOL General Secretariat

I first met Marc over ten years ago when I was the Program Manager for High Tech Crime at INTERPOL. In those early days, Marc was an uncommon, but compelling voice trying to raise awareness about the potential technological threats to global peace and security. Marc has been a true leader in his field and has consistently been visionary in his abilities to see how new technologies could be exploited by organised criminals and terrorists for nefarious purposes.
Marc is one of the world’s leading technology crime and security experts and it has been my pleasure to have worked with him.

— Michael Holstein, Security Coordinator for NATO; former Assistant Director of INTERPOL